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Save time

Time is money .. why waste it when you can automate routine and more complex tasks?

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Handle Routine TASKS

Routine tasks take time, money and cause frustration. Why not automate all the routine tasks that you sensibly can.

Increase PROFITS

With routine tasks automated you can now focus on the key functions that add value and profit.



Automating simple things like taking orders online or over the phone frees staff up talk to customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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About Automated Business Processing

Discover How Automated Business Processing Can Save Time, Money and Stress
ABP takes on your mundane routine tasks and saves you from the hassle

ABP takes on your mundane routine tasks and saves you from the hassle. You can then get on with more productive work .. get more details of how ABP can save time, money, increase profits and more via the menu bar above.

  • Answering the phone .. where the systems are really good you will not have noticed them!
  • Answering incoming SMS messages
  • Booking meetings  .. especially where an email or phone call is received .. again the good systems are undetectable
  • Creating and assigning to-do tasks to team members
  • Replying to emails
  • Taking orders online or by phone everything from Amazon to pizza orders
  • Arranging delivery .. on websites or over the phone
  • Taking payment for goods bought online, by phone or on TV channels
  • Automating almost any routine or mundane task
  • Publishing data to websites, social media etc.
  • Running your social media
  • Freeing you up to do the things that make money
  • Generating leads
  • Qualifying  leads
  • Taking orders ... by phone, email or messenger
  • Following up or stimulating old and dying leads
  • Sending out aftersales thank yous
  • Sending out appointment reminders via autoresponders, SMS etc .. your dentist probably uses this and saves huge sums because they get fewer missed appointments
  • Sending out expiry date reminders .. for things like VAT, income tax, road tax etc. Many training providers send out reminders about legislative courses where licences to practice are about to expire. e.g. first Aid course renewals, food hygiene certs, forklift certs etc.
  • Publishing data to websites, social media etc.
  • Work 24/7 without pay, rest breaks, holidays etc.
  • Are very low cost ....many are free if use is limited; more use results in a variable cost
  • Work faster than humans ... almost instant in most cases
  • Collate and display information to you 24/7
  • Make fewer mistakes than humans .... provided you put in accurate data they will use it ...  and often learn when they find mistakes.
  • Reduce costs ....once set up correctly most bots do this
  • Sell products and services more effectively than many humans
  • Recommend products .... e.g. Amazon recommends alternative purchases, which results in increased sales,

  • Time is money; why waste it?

  • Every penny saved increases profits

  • Cuts costs, decrease waste, boost sales

  • Mundane routines taks create stress, ABP cuts out the routine & mundane and lets you enjoy your life & work

Meet Our TEAM

Stefan Drew

CEO & Project Manager
Stefan believes work should be a pleasure; something we look forward to. But he knows that routine, mundane tasks bog people done and take the pleasure out of work. So he’s researched ways that the majority of routine tasks can be automated. He now uses automation in his own business and has become the go to guy for businesses, big and small, that want to save time, money and frustration by simplifying their busienss processes.

Mark Mitchell

Technology Guru
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If You Have Questions About Automated Business Processes

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